Selene - Concise API for Selenium in Python

(Selenide port in Python)

Main features:

  • Concise API for Selenium
  • jQuery-style selectors
  • Ajax support
  • PageObjects support
  • Automatic driver management

Selene was inspired by Selenide from Java world.

Tests with Selene can be built either in a simple straightforward “selenide’ style or with PageObjects composed from Widgets i.e. reusable element components.


latest release version

$ pip install selene

latest development version

$ git clone
$ python install

latest published pre-release version

$ pip install selene --pre

Quick Start

Basic Usage: 4 pillars of Selene

All Selene API consists just from 4 pillars:

  1. Browser Actions (including finding elements)
  2. Custom Selectors
  3. Assertion Conditions
  4. Custom Configuration

And one more not mandatory bonus:

  1. concise jquery-style shortcuts for finding elements

All pillars are reflected in corresponding selene python modules and their methods.

from selene.api import *


Further Documentation Guides